Saturday, 6 June 2009

P1 Live/work artist launch as part of Bow Arts Trust Open Studios 2009

As part of the now famous Bow Arts Trust Open Studios

P1 Launch is Bow Arts Trust latest initiative, in partnership with East Thames Housing

19th June 2009 6.30pm - 9pm
20th June 2009 1pm - 5pm
21st June 2009 1pm - 5pm

Over 3,500 sq/ft of fabulous, purpose built work space for the creative sector will be host to the artists awarded places as part of the Bow Arts Live/Work project delivered in partnership with Poplar Harca


Ross Adams
Said Adrus
Kofi Allen
Anna Bauer
Mathew Breen
Louisa Chambers
Julie Fagan
Corinne Felgate
Joe Graham
Sian Hislop
Bhajan Hunjan
Robert Luzar
Riz Maslen
Maslen & Mehra
Lisa McKendrick
Alex Noble
Alice Peillon
Emma Robertson
Gabrielle Russell
Anna Sexton
Josie Smith
Ruth Solomons
Ben Walker
John Walter
Jeremy Willett
Alice Woodhouse

P1 is situated at the heart of London's new cultural quarter next to the Olympic Park. P1 is designed to support and foster tomorrow's talent.

Week: June 15 - 21 2009

One of 10 photographys as part of 'Live/Work A-J'

One of the 100 bags shown as part of 'What's left behind?'

Week: June 8 - 14 2009

I have been playing around with shredding again today as way of relaxing so I have found out. Its been a funny old day what with the odd energy out there with the tube strike, over crowded buses and my ongoing struggle with settling into my job, flat and London....and it's not passed me by that whilst watching 'Pineapple Express' I am stuffing re-sealable plastic bags!

Week: June 1 - 7 2009

6th June

Finally getting around to updating the blog so I can follow the Artist Log Book format provided. Anything like Captain's log book? Well it is a journey already

Today been working on concepts for the P1 show at Payne Road as part of Bow Arts Trust Open Studios 19th - 21st June 2009. Cycled to source plain plastic bags but with no joy, but bumped into Corinne and she has a source!

Going to walk around the neighbourhood and along the way record the wildlife I encounter. Finally now I am not within a much more natural place my thirst for nature has become a driving per usual weird old mind of mine, miss a thing once its gone! Whilst in Enford I was often over-awed by nature now I am in London at the heart of various estates I am just pleased/relieved when I spot any rose or tree!

Today is the latest opening at The Nunnery 'Olympic Visions'

Week: May 25 - 31 2009

Playing around with my super zoom and the idea of focus, what I can see from my balcony...

The view directly SE from flat

Reflections, blurs of light and sparkle...

Week: May 11 - 17 2009

15th May 2009

I have been working @ BAT on the Schools in View annual exhibtion and got Will Stewart @ TES to sneak a piece into the latest issue...thanks Will!

14th May 2009

Anna B has been down with Polish beers! More product graphics for the collection!

11th May 2009

Plug and light switch obsessing

Week: May 4 - 10 2009

9th & 10th May 2009

IKEA bed day! Oh the joys of flat packs, odd shaped screws and almost impossibly fiddly attachments...thank god team Stanford made it over

And at least lunch was in the glorious sunshine on the balcony

And with a fully put together sofa the cushions came out of their bags

8th May 2009

I had the pleasure of supporting the delivery of a workshop in The Heritage Flat, 123 Balfron today with Corinne Felgate, uber artist and fantastic educator. Pics to come as they are stuck on the picture drive @ work...drat!

Here's some of the amazing view in the meantime...
  1. Carradale House - my flat is 3 along from the top and 8 down (see the yellow chairs!)
  2. Canary Wharf
  3. The Gasworks, off Bow Creek

Week: May 1 - 3 2009

Week: April 27 - 30 2009

29th April 2009

Started to tackle the bathroom today and get rid of the mouldy sealant although not sure how to make the new stuff stick as there is so much leaking water from the taps....

Week: April 20 - 26 2009

26th April 2009

Live/worker barbeque @ Bow Arts Trust garden, Bow Road. A super afternoon in the sunshine eating gorgeous food and getting to meet more fellow live/work scheme folk.

25th April 2009

Walkabout in and around Balfron, Chrisp Street Market and All Saints - abit like being back in Toxteth, Liverpool and some bits of Hackney & Clapton pre the Hoxton creep eastwards

The Truman eagle - a legacy of the former glory years of Truman Brewery, based in Brick Lane

24th April 2009
Corinne Felgate's opening night @ The Heritage Flat, 123 Balfron Tower

Going down in Carradale's lift

Looking up

Ah, the view, such a view!

23rd April 2009
Started on my postcard response as part of a collaborative postal arts project with artist (& friend) James Aldridge
Working around ideas of nature in the city and finding time to be with nature in a meaningful way, instead of just travelling through 'it' in response to James' piece around the bird and mapping travel. And as life would have it some of the high rise tower blocks in East London have become nesting stops for buzzards and falcons

Week: April 13 - 19 2009

Week: April 6-12 2009

13th April 2009

Starting to unpack and get organised...

Just moved in ...
A speedy deal thanks to Anna Bauer, her boyfriend, their friend, Dad and his Spanish mate oh and the lifts!!

Pre moving in mid March - early April 2009