Sunday, 25 October 2009

Week: Oct 26th - 30th 2009

30th October 2009

AN Magazine representing Bow Arts Trust and Emily's hoardings project in partnership with St. Paul's Way Community School...

29th October 2009

Submitted images for consideration re. Accident & Emergence's new project to support collaboration with writers and visual artists....

And Ellie, no. 9 Balfron is a blast from the past...Kazoo band reformation?? Visit The Band of Nods website and check out the pics from the Save The Hackney Empire event...I am in there somewhere just not so easy to spot!

Week: Oct 19th - 25th 2009

24th - 25th October 2009

Spent most of my weekend going through more boxes, files and note books. Re-arranging my studio again and finally started drawing and painting onto a couple of found canvases...liking the idea of using found surfaces to keep linking into 'What's left behind?', almost whats behind the layers.

22nd October 2009

This is not a Gateway - Hanbury Hall, Hanbury Street to see Antony Luvera's photographs

20th October 2009
RCA Secret cards - away with you!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Week: Oct 12th - 18th 2009

Happy, happy days - teaching more kids about the joys of gardening!!

Steph & Jerome make a visit!

Poster circulated via all online Greening Carradale members as well as postering all available space in Carradale

This time without Anna B until she returns from Poland...JC has been top coming up with the idea for turfing the table (astro turfing it really!)
Equally exciting this week saw the offical launch of the St. Pauls Way Community School hoardings project which Bow Arts Trust has project managed and co-created with Emily Allchurch - all round fantastic artist and educator. Sophie Ashton has been helping out (she has now offically moved into Shelmerdine!!) as well as amazing efforts from pupils @ SPWCS, Stebon and St. Paul's with St. Luke's Primary schools...future artists!!

Week: Sept 28th - 30th 2009

Stop the press
Greening Carradale activity gets press! East End Life covered the bulb planting Anna Bauer & I took part in as part of ongoing plans for a temmporary garden space in the disused tennis courts outside Carradale House...