Friday, 31 July 2009

Week: July 27 - Aug 2nd 2009

One day to go until...check out more news about Greening Carradale @

The weather seems to be holding out for us and with John Walter, Ashley McCormick, Anna Bauer and my goodself lined up to run various different activities its all looking good

Thanks to Julie for her bunting, Jeremy for being a top taxi for the gazebos and Ruth for growing sooooo many plants - you all rock!

Managed to get myself back into my painting 02/08/09

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Week: July 20 - 26 2009

Away this week at Embercombe - some kinda paradise on earth, very much in a wee corner of Devon, near to Exeter

Check our and come to a friends weekend to discover the simple joys of working the land, sharing enriching conversations and home grown, hand cooked food - with yurts and log fires thrown in to boot!

Week: July 13 -19 2009

19th July 2009
I leave for Embercombe today with the lovely Alice P kindly watering my plants and the stash for the plant swap 1st August too! checking out Greening Carradale for all the latest news....

18th July 2009

An amazingly super sunny day for the Leopold Estate Fete - absolutely fabulous time had by all. Some pics to view below as well as via Open To Arts flickr pages

Polaroid taken by Kofi Allen, photographer (C.)

17th July 2009

An amazing article has come out promoting We Love exciting to see the national press getting hold our of success story and linking it into Cities of Culture...

Week: July 6 - 12 2009

12th June 2009
Been working with Anna Bauer on the poster for Greening Carradale event 1st August 2009

Greening Carradale

12th July 2009
Helped out Lisa Cheung (ACME artist) with her original and brilliant Mobile Allotment over in SE18 Nightingale Estate in Woolwich. We are talking about exchange trips to share each other's projects. I took over 2 plants from the Artsadmin stash and came home with home grown sweet peas and sunflowers...

Week: July 1 - 5 2009

Week: June 28 - 30 2009

Week: June 22 - 28 2009